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Parenting and Child Behavioral Functioning in Native American Families - 2750 Words

Article Review of maternal Gambling, Parenting and Child Behavioral Functioning in Native American Families (Article Sample) Content: Article Review of maternal Gambling, Parenting and Child Behavioral Functioning in Native American FamiliesStudents NameInstitution of AffiliationWrite up your analysis of the article using the following outline:1 In two or three sentences, abstract the article. What is its major stated purpose?The article is talking about the Native American mothers of a kind of 6 to15 years of age, this observed the relation between and among mothers gambling, parenting in the home environment, social support and kind behavior that is on the native side.The reaction were collected from a given community in casino on a great lakes Indian reservation. The studies shows that character problems in Native American kids in the article of maternal gambling were related with the bigger challenge related with financial strain, less sufficient parenting in the home environment, and kid age(Momper, S. and Jackson, A.2007). Moreover the studies were conditioned by frequency of mothers gambling , the number of social help from family available to the mother and kid gender.The major consequence of these studies for policy, practice and forthcoming research are captured. The major purpose stated the relationship between the financial challenges that lead to a social effect hence affecting individual character at large. Therefore the studies shows that the mothers enter to gambling just because they want to generate house hold income to sustain their families and settle their bills. Moreover mothers having the little time with their little ones hence affecting their social life as well as their tender age. 1 Write down your immediate reaction (can be both intellectual and emotional) to the article.My immediate reaction I can say the article is trying to give us the negative impact of gambling amongst the mothers and the relationship in their families amongst their children. This means the activity is a bad one to be performed in the society hence this need to be taken into co ncern. Since the gambling bring a negative implication to the social life of the kids because the parenting environment for these childrens is poor, most of their time is spend in gambling process or activity, hence childrens develop different character that a young child that have good parenting care has undergone.My second reaction is this people from great lake side their main source of household income is through gambling and therefore to me I can say is good activity they earning a living out of this,(Jensen, 2013). Therefore the social life should be balance with economical. Moreover you cannot have a good social life if youre still struggling with your financial strain.the article was just good to give a sample overview about the relation of mothers gambling to struggled to earn a living and their parenting responsible hence this area needs a lot of research to been done in the future to done about mothers gambling, and parenting environment. This article touch on a small ar e that sampling. 1 Does this article report on the findings of research?The article need a lot of research to be done. The issues of organized on reservations is complex. Balance needs to be established between the positive economic benefits of Indian gaming versus the negative implication of more consistence gambling Native American women.The article has several limitation that we cannot support or recommend in the future one the outcomes of the study on one area cannot be generalized beyond the models, location and inhabitants. Second the data are cross-sectional and, as such, provide no basis for inference about the causality. Third the information collected forMaternal self- reports, and the extent to which they relate to actual behaviors is not known. Moreover is not sufficient. The consistencies in this review must be recognized as a possible constraint vis-a-vis the contemporary facts. Still, there are few such statistics on maternal gambling, parenting in the home environmen t, and child behavioral functioning in Native American families. 2 Does this article include an explicit research question, and/or specific hypotheses?If unsure, identify the major concepts (e.g. self-esteem, social class, insecurity, racism, etc.) in the article, and determine if the author suggests any kind of relationship between them. How clear is the author about this relationship?The article touch on the economic and social behavior of the causality that is to say many Native American mothers take most of in gambling leaving their children to family support thus affecting the social life of the their children. The self esteem is also affect for the children since the lack that parenting care of their mothers. There is also a lot of finical constrains thus lowering the self-esteem of the mothers(Momper, S and Jackson, A.2007).. This factor lead to the other that is if youre not financial free it means your social life is affected, the more you become insecure thus lowering sel f-esteem. 3 Have the key concepts been operationalized into variables? If yes, which is the independent variable (causal) and which is the dependent variable (effect) and how will they be measured? If no, how would you go about making them measurable?Yes maternal gambling and parenting has led to child behavior. Maternal gambling is the causal variable and parenting which has led to dependent variable that is child behavioral functioning. The fact that parent are busy gambling to rise finances for the house hold and settle bills this also contributes to the development of their children behave, moreover the boy child is the most affect most in this scenario since girl child is said to be protective(Gibson, D. 2015).. The economical strain is said to affect the boy child behavior since he will strive to relief himself from that situation. 4 Is an attempt made to test the hypothesis(es)?Yes since the sample of study was taken form 150 Native American ladies with the children age 6 t o 15 years to test the effect of the maternal gambling, parenting and child behavioral functioningMomper, S. and Jackson, A. (2007).. The article shows how the gambling affect social lives of their kids and final affecting their behavior functional. Financial constrains also enhance the effect of their social life among the child boy. 5 What is your assessment of how well the author(s) relate the findings to the original question or hypothesis?The hypothesis was carried to check how maternal gambling has led to poor parenting care or home environment to their kids thus leading to behavioral function.The research shows that the pathological gambling was associated significantly with more recurrent gambling less active parenting in the home environment hence child behavior problems. High house hold income is said to have good parental care since there time is not spend in gambling. 6 Is the research design specifically stated; what design did they used?Yes the have use sampling method or model to carry out their study.(Gibson,2015). Reserved area that is the sample was taken from a Native American ladies of 150 having children of 6 to 15 years to study the effect of gambling in the society and how it will affect the social and economic lives of the kids in great lake side. 7 Is there a comparison and/or control group?Yes the analyses sows that pathological gambling was related with significantly with more frequent gambling less adequate parenting in the home environment and the child behavior problems. Parenting in the home environment is associated with social supportive from family and friends is to be having less child behavior function(Gibson, 2015), holds that parent with more house hold income or free from financial constrains is also said to having good parenting home environment. Therefore there is a different between the two groups. The measures for a child to grow in a free form behavioral function is when the parent are free from financial constraint s and good supportive family and friend hence good social life. 8 Does the author discuss validity and/or reliability of the instrumentation used?Yes since has used sampling methods that having a study a given group of people that is women with 6 to 15 years of age,(Jensen ,2013),Holds that data analysis that is data was analyses from the same people and also multiple regression analysis was also used to show how maternal gambling affect the parenting hence child function 9 Finally, summarize your assessment of the article, including whether you think the article achieves its originally stated purpose. How well written is it: Is it clear and coherent? Is it logical? What are its primary strengths and weaknesses? Is this article relevant to practice? The litmus test: a) would you recommend this article to others, if yes, who? b) Could you replicate this study?The article achieves its purpose since it just for sampling purposes. The article is very clear and coherent since there is that flow that its the introducti...

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Deceitful Clytemnestra of Euripides Electra Essay

Deceitful Clytemnestra of Euripides Electra Agamemnon returns from Troy, a victorious general, bringing home spoils, riches and fame. He is murdered on the same day as he returns. Clytemnestra, his adulterous wife, has laid in wait for her husbands homecoming and kills him whilst he is being bathed after his long journey. During the Agamemnon, large proportions of the Queens words are justifications for her action, which is very much concerned with the sacrifice of Iphigenia to the gods, in order for the fleet to set sail for Troy. Aegisthus, the new husband of the Queen Clytemnestra, and partner in the conspiracy to murder the war hero, had reasons, which stemmed from the dispute between the Houses of Atreus and Thyestes. Was the†¦show more content†¦No blame is placed upon him by the people and they believe he slipped his neck in the strap of fate 217, only after which did his spirit become black, impure, unholy 218. The people of Mycenae, typically represented by the elders, and thus the Chorus have absolved him of blame in their minds. All their words about the leader are nothing but in praise of their king. They are nearly faint with longing for the return of their king, though we can also partly attribute this to a desire to be rid of Clytemnestra more than their wish to return to the rule of Agamemnon. They indeed emphasise the tyranny of the Queen (she commands, full of her high hopes...manoeuvres like a man 13). The sentry echoes the love for the King though (My king, Ill take your loving hand in mine 37), and the herald is similarly well disposed toward him, and he hasnt been under the yoke of Clytemnestra (he brings us light in the darkness...Agamemnon lord of men). The people absolve the King of blame over Iphigenia, and give him unconditional loyalty, but Clytemnestra rests it all upon his shoulders (girl of you are repaid 1554). She understands the grandeur of her action and the scale of it but believes that what we did was destiny 1692. Though, it is my belief that th e honourable King of Mycenae was commanded by the fates to kill his daughter, and it was by no means his will to carry

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E-business Foundations and Basic Concepts Example

Essays on E-business Foundations and Basic Concepts Research Paper E-business Foundations and Basic Concepts Number Department Trust and Security Quality web hosting service providers for organizations ensure the websites of their client businesses are available via the World Wide Web. They provide space for virtual data storage and access through ownership or a lease. Web hosts also provide Internet connectivity to clients. From simple file hosting and sharing via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to sophisticated cloud computing services, web hosts have become the archetype for modern businesses. The sophistication of the processes has raised security issues, especially for users (Kajan, 2011). Services including web browsing, e-mail, Internet faxing, voice-over-IP (VoIP) and instant messaging are affected by security issues. However, the use of forward secrecy in which it is impossible to derive temporary session key from the permanent asymmetric secret key makes the use of the services more secure. HTTP vs HTTPS Hypertext Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allows web users to communicate online with other web sites, while Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) ensures the security of such communications through an encryption (Kajan, 2011). With HTTPS, third parties cannot eavesdrop on information exchanges across websites. For instance, one may get an e-mail notification on a sale of a product but when it comes to the entry of personal or confidential information such as credit card number, password or social security number it is done securely on HTTPS sites. Public-key cryptography Public key cryptography is a security algorithm which is composed of two different but mathematically linked entry points for private and public (Kajan, 2011). Whereas the latter key encrypts plaintext or corroborates the authenticity of a digital signature, the former key helps to create digital signature or decrypt ciphertext. Network security Examples of bad network security practices include; use of simple and or guessable passwords, failing to sign out from a web interface, and opening unnecessary firewall ports. VPN A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an internally created Internet connection within an organization. A VPN helps organizations to cut costs when using leased Wide Area Network lines, and long-distance telephone services. Browser cookies A browser cookie is a tiny piece of data that websites send to user’s web browsers for storage while browsers surf the website. Cookies send back details of the user’s previous browsing activity to the server. Cookies enable web servers to remember important information such as goods which a user has filled in a shopping cart. Cookie myths: a) browser cookies track every activity of Internet users – the truth is that cookies will remember only the information that an individual has already entered on particular Internet sites; b) cookies are viruses and may spam messages or create unnecessary popups - the truth is that they are merely text files; and c) viruses can extract personal information from the cookies – cookie text files cannot reveal such information (Kajan, 2011). Web application security A web application refers to any software whose operations is supported by a web browser or has a programming language that is compatible with a web browser such as JavaScript. Cloud computing is an example of the business use of a web app. Making web apps user friendly, and logging out idle accounts by web administrators will improve their security. Security certificates A security certificate enables an organization to host a secure website with adequate encryption. By ensuring a web site encrypts the information and has a functional certificate, people can help safeguard themselves against hackers who create mischievous sites to collect information from an organization (Kajan, 2011). Setting the website to begin with HTTPS rather than HTTP is the best way to obtain a security certificate. Recruitment and work opportunities on the World Wide Web LinkedIn enables organizations to post videos and photos of their internal processes, advertise for jobs and get the right applicants to fill such positions; b) with a company page, HR managers can link with top performers and woo them into their companies for a higher productivity, and; c) companies can build their credibility through LinkedIn by making essential updates via blogs, twitter and other social networking sites. Online employment markets Online employment markets such as the enables job applicants to post their resumes online for browsing and invitation to interviews by potential employers. Other work opportunities online is another website that outsources freelance IT work. They place an ad for potential applicants to apply (Kajan, 2011). With an online application form and portal to upload one’s personal details, and academic qualifications, they screen and shortlist the applicants. Then they contact the qualifying candidates, carry out a short telephone interview and give them the job. Upon satisfactory completion of the job, their payment is processed and sent through international payment systems such as Payoneer, Moneybookers or Paypal. E-business quality control Electronic business is increasingly becoming competitive each passing day and with its quality being based on content. To survive in this environment, best practices push business organizations and publishers to measure and present the best website content as possible. Generating quality content revolves around providing the audience with vital information that creates and maintains trust, integrity, and engagement. eBay and Amazon are examples of companies that publish quality online content. Search engine optimization Search engine optimization (SEO) entails the process of influencing the appearance of a website or page naturally in search engines results. Google SEO guidelines requires users to research the words they want to search before writing the content; write the key words from the list of Google SEO keywords provided; Google’s Keyword Density Checker will try to match the words and arrange the results in order of priority. Some of the myths surrounding SEO include; billing affecting the order of the results; companies that top the results are endorsed by Google; and that Google spies on users of Google Analytics (Kajan, 2011). Google web Analytics Google web Analytics is a service that creates comprehensive statistics regarding the source and flow of web traffic. The tool also measures conversions and billings. The service is mainly used by advertising firms and not webmasters and technologists who came up with the idea. Alternatives to Google web Analytics include: Clicky, Mixpanel, FoxMetrics, Open Web Analytics, Kissmetrics, Logfile Analysis, and Website Tracking Tools. Industry trends Google products that are good for business include: Google Chrome, a web browser; Gmail, an e-mail service; Google Drive, a cloud memory application that stores data of up to 10GB; and Google Analytics, an application for measuring the web traffic, especially for billing ads. Cloud computing Cloud computing refers to a number of computing philosophies that encompass a wide range of computers linked through a virtual communication system. A computer cloud has applications, platforms and networks that businesses can use for marketing and communications with customers. Software as a service Software as a service (SaaS) enables businesses and individual users access to application software and memory storage, provided one has Internet connection. Unlike traditional desktop applications where users purchase software and install them on their remote computers, for SaaS application software can be accessed and used on the servers of service providers. Salesforce, Basecamp, and QuickBook are examples of clouds (Kajan, 2011). Social networks for business Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Google+ are the major social networking sites used today (Kajan, 2011). Business organizations can set up pages and attract followers online. Business organizations can then use this relationship to communicate, introduce new brands and market their existing products and services. Smartphone Apps Smartphone apps are application software created to run on smartphones. A business can benefit from smartphone apps such as LinkedIn by getting into contact with potential staff. References Kajan, E. 2011. Electronic Business Interoperability: Concepts, Opportunities and Challenges. New York: Idea Group Inc (IGI).

Strategy for Sumsung Family

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy Recommendation for Sumsung Family Hub. Answer: Introduction The contemporary business scenario is core dependent upon the marketing strategies adopted by the organisations which ensures the companys sustainability and growth in the competitive environment. The marketing strategies are also meant for directing the organisational activities into a right direction and gain competitive advantages at the same time (Lippincott, 2006). Here, the report would be highlighting the recommended marketing strategies in relation to Samsung family hum refrigerator under the brand name of Samsung. The purpose of this report is to deliver an effective recommendation in order to develop an efficient marketing strategy through which Samsung family hub would be able to set its firm foot into the target market. Therefore, through a clear depiction of the target market, brand positioning strategies and marketing mix the aspects could be moulded as per the market demand in a suggestive manner (connected-hub, 2017). Thus, the aspects are being evaluated in the follo wing components. Target segment The target market comprises of the consumers who possess the ability to purchase the brand and product while delivering profitability and competitive advantage to the organisation. In relation to develop an effective marketing strategy for Samsung family Hub refrigerator, from the household segment the highest Q consumer segment could be selected. The reason behind choosing such target segment is that it has the sheer potential and capability to deliver profitability to the respective company (Woodall, 2007). On the other hand, as the Highest Q consumers segment spends a luxurious life and have to purchase in accordance with the requirement and demand of their lifestyle. The nature of this consumer segment is that they often search for luxurious products and purchase in order to match their status instead of fulfilling their requirements. Through the below table the target market segmentation attractiveness could be understood. Market Attractiveness Criteria Size Growth Structural Attractiveness Company Objectives Resources Segment Segment Size Segment Purchasing Power No of Competitors (Home Appliance Market) Suitability of Brand (Samsung) Suitability of Sub Brand (Family Hub Fridge) Lowest Q ? Many competitors = ? ? ? Second Q ? ? ? ? Third Q ? ? ? ? Fourth Q ? ? ? ? Highest Q ? ? ? In the above table it could be realised that the selected market segment has a potential purchasing power that would help the organisation in attaining its profitable objectives. As almost 79% of the population belongs to the highest Q consumer segment and is likely to purchase more than other segments in the market (Wymer, 2011). Brand positioning Brand position is the form of marketing practices through which the organisation places its brand image in the minds of the consumers. It generates a scope for consumers to think about the brand at the time of purchasing and the brand would be the first priority of the consumers in this manner (Baines, 2011). A strong brand positing indicates a strong presence of the brand in the minds of the consumers with unique features and sustainable image. In the context of Samsung Family Hub the brand positioning strategies could be developed while keeping the target market in mind. In this regard, the highest Q consumer segment would be subjected to be introduced with the brand as the product will be able to attain their luxurious requirements with effective practices. Thus, the strategies could be stated in terms of highlighting the unique feature of combining internet and electronic technology at the first hand (Marketing mix, 2013). The aspect is evident from the fact that through Samsung Family Hub refrigerator the consumers could enjoy the benefits of internet and technology at the same time. The brand and the product could be considered as appropriate as the highest Q consumer section mainly belong to the high level of society that purchase thing not out of necessity but out of desire. Apart from this, it would also be successful in drawing a unique image of the brand due to its unique features like shop groceries directly from the fridge. Thus, from a competitive point of view the product along with the brand would evidently be able to satisfy consumer needs (Doyle, 2013). Through the brand positioning maps the availability and ability to match standards could be understood. Figure: brand positioning map Source: The above brand positioning map has successfully manifested the awareness rate of Samsung Family Hub to the target consumer market due to its unique features and extraordinary services and through such feature it would be able to create a unique brand image to its potential consumer markets. Marketing mix 4 ps Marketing mix is one of the most significant elements in the marketing concept that are contributed to the right placement of the brand as well as the product in front of the target market. The marketing mix comprises with four main elements such as products, price, promotion and place that are conjointly known as the 4 Ps of marketing mix (Faisal, 2016). Thus, in relation to the proposed brand positioning the below 4 Ps of marketing mix could be recommended in the following manner. Price: price refers to the financial value of the product that the consumers are subjected to pay at the time of purchasing the product. Samsung has likely to set its entire products price while keeping the target market in mind. Surprisingly, the price for Samsung Family Hub could be set between $5,000 and $6000 (Ferrell, 2016). Such price is also affordable for the target consumers. Product: the product segment refers to the commodity deliverable to the target consumers in exchange of price. Samsung Family Hub has presented with a high technology aided product that would be able to attain the desires and requirements of the consumers (Riezebos and Grinten, 2012). The specification of the products is that consumer could enjoy shopping while working in the kitchen. Place: place refers to the position or medium through which the company is able to deliver the product to the consumers. Hence, the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator would be available to the potential and selected consumer markets through Samsung stores and relative dealers. Promotion: promotion refers to the act of creating awareness among the target market through using various media. Hence, the company and the brand have concentrated upon developing promotional activities print media and television. PLC and the Diffusion of Innovation The product life cycle involves the evaluation of several stages and through the stages the product has to pass in order to accomplish its complete development. The PLC includes four important stages within the entire cycle such as, introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Here, the discussed product of Samsung family hub refrigerator is in the growth stage of its PLC as it intends to create a potential market. On the other hand, the Diffusion and innovation theory would help in identifying potential target market for the brand. Thus, within the theory diffusion refers to the identification of the approaches that influence the group of people to adopt new ideas, products or practices (Hauser and Shugan, 2008). But innovation contributes in developing the assessment of individual who do not accept ideas or product only based on prior existing information. Thus, based on the Diffusion and innovation theory the Highest Q target market that is consumer belonging from high level of soc iety would be appropriate in this regard. Type of Consumer product The types of consumers products could be referred to those products that are purchased by final consumers for their personal use. In this context four types of consumer product could be detected such as, Convenience products Shopping products Speciality product and Unsought products In this regard, the Samsung family hub refrigerator could be categorised in shopping products for the specific target market. Recommend a marketing mix Product: in this regard, the recommendation could be delivered in terms of product design. Thus, for attracting the target market the product design would be delivered in the following manner. Product Recommendation Explanation Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator The product should be presented with touch screen door locking and should be equipped with apps for smart screen locking. The design is proposed in order to incorporate security to personal use or the digital door locking system could also save children from accidents or any other misshape. Place: in order to incorporate recommendation for placing the products through which the consumers could purchase the commodity. Thus, the place could be determined as online retail stores (Peter and Olson, 2010). The place has been chosen as the target market is more likely to surf online retail stores and purchase products. This platform will help in creating an effective brand positioning as the online retail store would be promoting the features of the product in details. Promotion; in case of promotion, it could be suggested that the products should be promoted through social media marketing and advertised on the social networking sites that help in attracting more number of potential consumer to the brand (Keohane, 2014). Along with this, brand placement through movies and billboards would be effective in relation to promote the product. Price; the pricing strategy in relation to the product would be based on three things, Price skimming: in this regard the price should be set around $ 7500 and later reduced in $6500. Price penetration: in this case the initial price should be $5500, but later should increase with $7500. These strategies would help in realizing the brand positioning as it would be delivering an evident quality image of the products. LG price Samsung Family Hub price $5499 $7,499 Summary Table of your Marketing Mix Marketing mix Explanation product The product would be designed with touch screen door lock. Place Online retail stores Promotion Social media marketing Price Between $5500 and $7500 Conclusion In conclusion it could be stated that the marketing strategies are also meant for directing the organisational activities into a right direction and gain competitive advantages at the same time. The Samsung family hub has evidently created awareness among its target market and through effective marketing strategies the product would be placed to the target market for more competitive advantages and profitability at the same time. Hence, it is evident that through the recommended marketing strategies the respective product is expected to gain desired competitive advantages References Lippincott', 2006. Evidence-Based Case Management in a High-Risk PregnancyA Case Study.Lippincott's Case Management, 11(5), pp.247248. Marketing mix, 2013.Marketing mix. Johannesburg: Systems Publishers (Pty) Ltd. connected-hub, 2017.connected-hub. [online] Samsung Electronics America. Available at: [Accessed 9 Aug. 2017]. Baines, P., 2011.The political marketing mix. Los Angeles [u.a.]: SAGE. Doyle, P., 2013.Value-based marketing. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Faisal, A., 2016. Marketing Strategies in Online/Digital Marketing.Account and Financial Management Journal. Ferrell, O., 2016.Marketing strategy. [S.l.]: Cengage Learning. Fifield, P., 2012.Marketing Strategy. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis. Hauser, J. and Shugan, S., 2008. Defensive Marketing Strategies.Marketing Science, 27(1), pp.88-110. Keohane, K., 2014.Brand and Talent. Kogan Page. Peter, J. and Olson, J., 2010.Consumer behavior marketing strategy. Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin. Riezebos, R. and Grinten, J., 2012.Positioning the brand. London: Routledge. Woodall, T., 2007. New marketing, improved marketing, apocryphal marketing.European Journal of Marketing, 41(11/12), pp.1284-1296. Wymer, W., 2011. Developing more effective social marketing strategies.Journal of Social Marketing, 1(1), pp.17-31.

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List of Social Problems in Society

List of Social Problems in SocietyList of social problems in society is a useful tool to help people understand the true nature of our society. Our world today has become highly polarised by high crime rates, increased unemployment and poor social cohesion. To reduce this problem it is important that we focus on finding a solution to overcome the cause rather than just asking a question 'how to stop this problem?'There are a variety of factors which have created a problem which causes crime. One of the main reasons for crime is the economic downfall of many nations around the world. This leads to lack of employment, which leads to crime. Another contributing factor to crime is drug use. But what about other factors that contribute to creating a problem?It is very hard to pinpoint the exact reasons as to why society is so divided into two extremes. Many social scientists believe that these two extremes reflect the real problems in society. The first is moral decay and the second is th e lack of moral values. List of social problems in society includes both of these factors as they are often in agreement with each other.There are many extremes and many of these extremes lead to conflicts which ultimately leads to violence and death. To name a few extreme ends of society are communism, Nazism, apartheid, materialism, pride, racism, sexism, pride, etc. Each of these extremes on their own have led to a lot of problems such as war, genocide, terror, racism, discrimination, etc. All these causes and effects have resulted in various social problems that create divisions between groups of people.To fully comprehend the extent of the problems caused by these social problems, it is essential to take a look at each of these extremes. Communism, Nazism, apartheid, and pride are all extreme views of extreme views. In the case of communism, many countries including the USSR and China have collapsed, many countries have experienced civil wars and mass starvation, some of the mo st powerful countries such as the USA, the UK, France, and Germany have either lost their liberty or will soon, and many are forced to live under communism. The end result has been an increase in crime as well as violence.Nazism is a group of extremists who believe that there should be one single nation for the Germans, and in their eyes, they would never accept any other nation. However, after World War II, most European countries were forced to unite under a single country, which led to another political failure, and in this case, the end result has been an ongoing conflict. This results in horrible violence that ends in death and war. Pride is a very extreme form of self-esteem, which states that everyone should be proud of their ethnicity, culture, and nationality.Some blame the economic crisis on the crime rate. But even though, the economy is taking a back seat, it still remains a major factor. To show you how effective and why this list of social problems in society has worke d, a couple of countries that were the most peaceful before the economic crisis were Thailand and South Korea. It can be seen from this that it is not the economic crisis alone that creates problems but many other factors as well.

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The New Fuss About Marshall Scholarship Essay Samples

The New Fuss About Marshall Scholarship Essay Samples Marshall Scholarship Essay Samples Explained Scholarship essay isn't a paper at which you can forgive yourself misspellings or formatting inaccuracy. Scholarship essays are a significant issue. A scholarship essay is a significant document that's used in the processes of scholarship application. Your scholarship essay is a rather important portion of your application. Following your essay is proofread it isn't only free of any mistakes, additionally it is edited in regard to the scholarship essay requirements and eligibility. In writing a scholarship essay, you need to always look at the purpose on why you have to create one. PaperCoach will be able to help you with all your papers, so take a look at this time! While scholarship essay format won't provide you any credentials, they ought to be able to steer you properly on how best to compose the appropriate essay. The Hidden Truth About Marshall Scholarship Essay Samples Without knowing suitable essay making, your probability of going into a superior college are slim. If your primary goal is to compose a winning essay that's selected to obtain scholarship money then you're going to need to wow the readers with something distinctive and inspiring. It is advised to mention three accomplishments that they are the absolute most proud of. If you're asking for a scholarship, odds are you're likel y to should compose an essay. Bear in mind that all scholarship applications are different, which means you may need to design your essay to fulfill those particular requirements. It's desirable to abide by the particular requirements. Considering all the knowledge areas and tips that you're already conscious of in writing a scholarship letter, it's possible to easily put together all of the info that you have to make sure you and your scholarship letter will stick out. Among other popular suggestions is to show that you put in an application for a grant out of financial need. Make certain that your font size is able to make your discussion uncomplicated to read. You may need to compose a number of drafts until you get to the version you're really pleased of. The general format of your essay, for example, font size and margins, will solely count on the instructions offered to you. Be sure to follow along with the correct format, consisting of the general pieces of an essay. The Basic Facts of Marshall Scholarship Essay Samples Your range of words and the way you construct your sentences are some points that may influence your application. It's far better to use your own words and see to the subject employing a crystal clear and concise language. It's natural for students not to remember all details and rules of formatting. Many students don't keep the coherency in the content. Scholarship essays shouldn't be considered a burden since they are your gateway to land entrance into a prestigious university with a great deal of benefits and perks that have the scholarship. You need to get creative. Especially since scholarships are not simple to get, and judges are extremely harsh. The Dirty Facts on Marshall Scholarship Essay Samples It's possible for you to add another paragraph if you feel that the second paragraph is insufficient to present the topic. With this, you are going to be in a position to limit your ideas into key points that you w ant to highlight in the body of your essay. If in any instance, you cannot do this because of the topic being given, what you could do is to be certain your essay will be interesting. There's no ideal recipe for writing an essay, but there are a few ingredients that you're able to add to make it even more appealing. The very first step to any essay writing is to select a subject of interest. You don't need to possess the very best writing skills as a way to be creative and compose an effective essay. The very first thing you may want to do before writing any essay for this matter is to follow along with the directions. Though a last-minute essay writing procedure can be done when creating a scholarship essay, it is going to be best in the event you will allot time when putting together all the information which you want to include within this document. It is believed to be the absolute most significant part your application, since the scholarship committee will use this to assess who you are as an individual, together with your outlook in life. Our friendly scholarship essay help support will answer all the questions that you have. With our essay help you may be certain nobody shall get a better mark for the work than you. When these essays can appear to be a little step toward your futu re, they're a step nonetheless. College education is quite essential for my future. Scholarships are provided by various government and non-government agencies.

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Essay on Your Own to Describe Yourself - How to Write an Essay on Your Own to Describe Yourself

Essay on Your Own to Describe Yourself - How to Write an Essay on Your Own to Describe YourselfThere are many people who have asked how to write an essay on your own to describe yourself, and I think you'll find the answers they seek here. A lot of people when they first start to write an essay on their own to think that the only way to do this is by writing a story about what they would want a parent to know about them. I think this is not so, there are other methods to go with. So before you write an essay on your own to describe yourself, try a few of these out first.If you are in need of some self-promotion, there are companies that will be willing to pay you for your written work. You will get an assignment, and you write an essay on your own. A lot of times it's not even hard to create the assignment for you, the information is usually posted online for free and you can put the information you want to have included into the essay.You can also use an article samples from a websi te or article directory. Usually, you can get an assignment for a simple theme and then include the information in your essay about what it's like to be someone else. These are usually free, and you just need to put the information into your essay.Describing yourself using articles is also a great way to get some quick feedback from people. It can also help you if you are new to writing. Just be sure that you make sure that the content is unique to you, so the information is not generic or repeats information that was already found on the Internet. This kind of stuff can get really annoying to read!If you are going to use articles as well, try to avoid using this as self-promotion. Be sure that the information that you use is current and up to date, because if you use old information, then people will assume that you're not updated on recent events. If you are going to use these types of articles, just make sure that the information is up to date and current. In fact, it might be be tter to take a little time to rewrite the entire thing a second time so that the information you used is more current and up to date.Make sure that your essay is on topic and helps others understand your perspective and why you wrote the essay. You can help others to find a solution to their problem or just share your feelings and ideas. It's an easy way to express yourself and people enjoy learning about different things and perspectives.If you aren't sure about your own uniqueness, try some stories and quotes about the people around you. You can use the quotations that you hear or read to give you ideas about what your audience may be thinking or feeling about you. For example, if someone is talking about how boring and predictable a person is, you can come up with a story about how someone had a lot of surprises along the way to be completely surprised.Finally, don't be afraid to tell others about your description. People will sometimes be skeptical about what others will think o f them and you can give them a little bit of advice to help them grow and achieve more than they thought possible. I think you'll find that by sharing this information, it will become a part of your personality. It might be one of the best things you do with your essay!